Are you ready to be the Queen, proudly wearing her crown not only on her head, but also in her soul? Expressing yourself without fear is the sign of someone who embraces and loves her true identity. If you are ready to take this transformation to a new level, Rebirth Your Crown is the perfect program for you to discover your inner royalty and become an authentic voice of self-expression. Whether you are naturally shy, not traditionally seductive, or have difficulty standing up for yourself and setting boundaries, "Rebirth Your Crown is your transformative pathway.

If you've ever felt

Muted in Expression: Yearning to break free from the constraints that silence your authentic voice

● Excluded: If you find yourself in the shadows

● Feminine Essence: Struggling to express your femininity

● Sensuality: fearing to embrace your sex-appeal, or feeling lost on how to attract without judgment

● Lost in Style: Adrift in a sea of fashion, unsure how to encapsulate the essence of your bold femininity in every garment.

● Timid in Presence: A desire to step into the spotlight with assertive poise, leaving an indelible mark in the minds of those you encounter.

● It’s time to dare to be assertive! Seek out your authentic femininity and let it shine, by redesigning the way you present yourself to the     world.

● It’s a unique approach that will not only teach you the basics of etiquette, but also make you an outstanding presence in public and in     the high spot, ensuring that you leave a lasting impression everywhere you go.

● Discover your unique style! We’ll transform your wardrobe and create a polished collection that’s distinctly you, affirming your                   presence in every look you wear.

● This program is all about YOU. It’s designed to help you open your eyes, break through those false beliefs so you can earn the                    confidence you deserve. You’ll find the perfect style that speaks to your soul, allowing you to choose your clothes with care and make      a great first impression every time.

●  Plus, I’ll show you how to express your feminine energy, charming the femme fatale in you. You’ll learn how to attract the right                  connections, set boundaries by standing up for yourself and be bold in the pursuit of your dreams.

● Remember, my queens, I’m here to guide you, but the magic happens when you put your mind to it. Together, let’s unleash the                 femme fatale in you – the self-aware, confident version of YOU!

● Register your course today and take that first step into your own brighter, bolder future!




Are You Ready to Amplify Your Confidence, Elevate Your Style, and Empower Your Life?

Book your first consultation now to discover the transformative journey that awaits you.

Services Include

1 Tier Make your magic

Online (Virtual)

Explore your inner feminine energy and archetype, embracing the femme fatale inside you.

Learn how to express your unique style that resonates with your soul.

Gain essential etiquette skills to shine in public and elite events.

Cultivate a lasting impression everywhere you go by mastering the art of presence.

Elevate your wardrobe with curated pieces that align with your budget and personal style.

Receive expert guidance on styling and fashion choices tailored to enhance your confidence and presence.

Choose a styling package that suits this queen the best for any occasion.

Receive personalized recommendations and styling tips to elevate your everyday look and special occasions.

Services Include

2 Tier Elevate your magic

(via Zoom - $49.99)

Participate in weekly 90-minute coaching sessions online to further develop your style and confidence.

Receive personalized feedback and guidance to refine your image and presence.

Enhance your style with a personalized fashion board, visually representing your inner queen and unique style.

Explore curated fashion inspirations and trends that align with your identity and goals.

Stand up for your boldness and femme fatale with a VIP photoshoot session for my merch collection.

Capture your confidence and allure in stunning photographs that reflect your true essence.

  • After choosing your styling package and booking the 90-minute consultation, fill out the Client Consultation Form.
  • Receive your completed outfits, mood boards, and all the links to your preferences, curated just for you.

Participate in weekly 90-minute
sessions, online or in person, adapted to your profile and the program you've
chosen. Each level is specifically designed to meet your identity needs.

Enhance your style with a personalized fashion
board, a visual representation of your inner queen.

Membership Coaching
Rebirth Your

Crown Group

The Rebirth Your Crown Group Coaching membership is available for a payment of $49,99 per month. Join a community of like-minded women and embark on a transformative journey with our Rebirth Your Crown Group Coaching membership. During the course, you will receive expert guidance from renowned self-expression coach and image consultant, Patricia Rebirth, as you explore your unique style, boost your confidence, and embrace your inner femme fatale alongside your fellow queens.


Group Coaching Sessions

Participate in monthly group coaching sessions
led by Patricia Rebirth, where you’ll receive personalized guidance, support,
and encouragement as you navigate your style journey and unleash your

Fashion Inspiration

Gain access to curated fashion inspiration and styling
tips shared within the group, fostering creativity and helping you discover
new ways to express your individuality through your wardrobe.

Interactive Workshops

Engage in interactive workshops and activities
designed to enhance your self-expression, confidence, and style, all while
connecting with and learning from other members of the group.

Virtual Community

Connect with your fellow members in our private online
community, where you can share insights, seek advice, and celebrate your
progress together, creating a supportive and empowering environment for

Book your transformation today and take the first step into your own magical transformation to begin your journey with an initial one-hour consultation via Zoom for $49.99.

Remember, each level is specifically designed to meet your identity needs and empower you to embrace your authentic self with confidence and style. Together, let’s unleash the femme fatale in you and embark on a journey towards a brighter, bolder future!