I am Patricia REBIRTH

Mentor in interpersonal and romantic relationships

I accompany you to forge your confidence to have harmonious interpersonal relationships.

Dare to be bold

It only takes one action to change its destiny

Enhancing confidence

Action planning

Finding a balance

Ongoing support

 What is a R.E.B.I.R.T.H?

R – Recognize Your Strengths and Weaknesses

E – Expand Your Horizons

B – Believe in Yourself

I – Implement Strategies

R – Renewing your divine energy

T – Transform

H – Harmonize

Who is mentoring for?

This is for those seeking to improve their leadership skills, expand their network, and tap into their divine energy. It can be beneficial for anyone who wants to enhance their self-confidence, audacity, networking abilities, revenue generation skills, and overall personal and professional growth. Whether you are an aspiring leader, an entrepreneur, or someone looking to live a more fulfilling and balanced life, these suggestions can be valuable in your journey of self-improvement and success.

My book, our hardships

Passion is my strength and it completes me. My scent is memorable and captivating. My beauty is both a blessing and a curse, sometimes forcing me to face danger. The thorns were unable to protect my rose from these evils.

The portrait of the perfect family of mom and dad does not exist. I don’t fit into that mold. Despite the fights Mom faced alone without the love of her life, she got stronger.

Today, I sweat her strength and her courage. I haven’t always been that girl, though. I had to battle to get there. Throughout the suffering and difficulties, I am still standing and growing…


Who is Patricia Rebirth

Patricia Rebirth is a multifaceted figure, a writer, mother, entrepreneur, and the CEO of Fayola Swimwear Collection in Quebec, Canada. Her message centers on self-awareness, passion, interests, and achievement. Being deeply connected with charitable causes, she commits herself to philanthropy, fashion, music, and cinema, significantly influencing her daughter.

Patricia spends thousands of dollars annually on her emotional awareness, using it to broaden her knowledge, expand her network, and seek inspiration to continue building the UNBREAKABLE movement. Believing that her teachings can guide and inspire anyone, she sees herself as the true voice for women who have been broken.

Her mission is to inspire more women who have been through difficult times in their lives; those who were told they couldn’t make it; those who have been marginalized; those who are discouraged, confused, uncertain. Patricia wants to show them that they, too, can strive to reach their full potential, lead a fulfilling life, and help inspire other women in society!

Testimonials about the book

I really love this book. The Author shares her experiences in life, you can really relate to her and it helps you to cope with your emotions while reading it.

You can see how authentic she is, the way she expresses herself, it’s funny and really nice!

You’ll learn a lot from her experiences, it will give you a boost of confidence and motivation because you’ll see how she worked really hard in her hardship, it will help you to find hope in your story as well!

It’s a good book to read each single day!☺️ you won’t get enough of it! Can’t wait for other books to come out!!

Easy to read & simply amazing !

I give the book 5 stars since I think it’s important for everyone to learn about courage. I appreciate your transparency , and honesty throughout the book. So brave and fearless, you are definitely *Indestructible*

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